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HOTAccounts is the comprehensive but easy to use customer relationship management system designed for anyone who
has to deal with customers ( e.g. sales, marketing, support ... ). HOTAccounts provides a true view of all customer data
automating the entire customer life cycle.  The following are some of the benefits of using HOTAccounts:

  • Fully Web Based. Nothing to install on your computer. Access your data from anywhere.

  • Standard Data Entry forms through out. Form Creator allows you to create customised forms.

  • Easily produce reports on your data. Over 100 reports available. Create reports using HOTAccounts's Report Writer.

  • Get a graphical representation of your data by producing bar charts.

  • Multi User Facilities. Add unlimited users and allow them to access some or all options.

  • Set up multiple branches and compare sales, stock, etc.

  • Most data can be made 'private' so that it can be viewed or updated only by the person who entered it .

  • Receive Email and SMS alerts for upcoming events, due dates, etc ...

  • Too many options? "Turn off" the options not required and simply use the options you want.

  • Use HOTAccounts to manage all your financial transactions. Includes a complete accounting system. 

  • Sell your Products and Services through HOTAccounts. Accept payment by PayPal. Receive feedbacks. Sample Shop.

  • Customers can log in to place orders, report problems,  etc.

  • HOTAccounts has it's own "Facebook" which allows your customers to chat to each other.

  • Fixed monthly subscription fee. No automatic rebilling. Cancel subscription at any time if not satisfied.

  • No Upgrades required. Because HOTAccounts is web based, you get to use the latest version all the time.

  • Fully Secure. Data encrypted and backed up all the time.

Register now and start using HOTAccounts today. FREE Trial for 30 days.
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