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  Category  IT and Telecoms
  Location  Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  Last Turnover  31,034
  Target Amount  15,000
  Amount Raised:  0
  Balance  15,000
  Days Left  0
Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited is a well-established and thriving ICT service organisation. Therefore, Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited supports its numerous customer through a number of SBUs (strategic business units). These are:
a. Sales,
b. Services,
c. Customer supports and update s,
d. Product development, and
e. Corporate clients/HNIs.
Product and Services
• Laptop chargers
• Laptop batteries
• Laptop (mother)boards
• Laptop hard disks
• Laptop memories,
Repairs and Diagnostics Services•
• Power bank
Communication Network Technologies
Enterprise software
The Computer Village is Nigeria`s and West Africa`s largest electronics and gadget market with more than three thousand (3,000) ICT (Information and communication Technology) business enterprises and SMEs spread across eighteen (18) major streets in the Otigba zone of the Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State.
Marketing and Publicity
Because we have profitably operated at the computer village for over twenty-one (21) years, Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited is well positioned as a powerful, customer-oriented ICT service organisation. We always achieve customer satisfaction with our teeming number of diverse customer segments. This positioning strategy has gone a long way to positively market the Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited because our satisfied clients always recommend the Company to their friends as truly an excellent ICT support service for all customer needs. Our online services also constitute another significant and helpful positioning strategy that we have adopted in order to successfully endear customers to the Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited concept and thus, make them recommend the Company to their friends. We are also well-positioned as a result yielding diagnostics and services-oriented ICT Shop.
a. Westgate Nig. Ltd.,
b. Large Michael Ltd., and
c. Danchem Computer Ltd.
SWOT Analysis
• a strong management team made up of highly qualified ICT professionals,
• strong product development,
• strong and aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns,
• capital acquisition of fixed assets based on current technology;

• inadequate funds to expand into much needed product lines.

• high patronage from a very wide clientele made up of all economic sectors and social classes,
• strong goodwill of the very concept of ICT services, networking, software, peripherals and data input and output devices,
• Strong goodwill of the Whyteman brand,
• significant investments in contemporary ICT devices and services by the company.

• inferior and cheap ICT services, products, and second-hands from low-end competitors.
Reason For Applying_
immediately adopt all the listed emerging trends in the ICT world in order to effectively compete for the future. Consequently, the Company, Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited, will add all the above listed and examined services and products to its` kitty in order to give investors confidence that their investments would be effectively management, and that they (the investors) will receive excellent financial rewards for their efforts and supports.
Staff and Management
Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited is headed by Afam Okwuigbo, an intelligent and seasoned business man of international repute with business professional experiences, and professional connections across Europe and Asia, acquiring and setting up chains of business conglomerates, and consultancy services. Afam is a very brilliant, consummate and astute businessman, with cognate and wide experiences in ITC, engineering works, fabrications, installation and services, and the provision, distribution, sales, and maintenance of electronic and fabrication security and safety devices; as well as imports and exports, and general contracts.

Mrs. Nkiru Joy Okwuigbo, a highly educated economist with a strong bent towards business accounting and corporate finance is a thoroughgoing, academically sound entrepreneur of many years.
Afam is the major Financier of Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited, and he has persistently poured large personal funds into the business because of his commitment to, and belief in the corporate vision of Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited. Over the years, Afam has successfully sought for strategic directions for the business and has supported such strategic moves with the acquisition of much needed and very expensive inventories, fixed and capital assets, and has acquired a permanent Shop location for the business growth of Whyteman Computers Nigeria Limited.

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