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  Category  Manufacturing
  Location  Lagos, Nigeria
  Last Turnover  96,086
  Target Amount  84,000
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  Balance  84,000
  Days Left  55
Kavisan Limited is an indigenous agro-allied company with a vision to join the fight against food insecurity through the production, processing, preservation, storage and packaging of food stuff for local and international markets. The company began its sojourn into the sector in 2013 with the farming of Cassava and Maize and now wishes to expand operations into Cassava Processing.
Product and Services
Our products are Cassava, Flour, Fufu and Garri processing.
Eruwa, Ibarapa-Ibadan, Oyo State. The market for the cassava-based products is huge and it also has export potential especially the fortified foods (soy-garri) and the instant fufu flour. Market for Cassava Starch, High Quality Cassava Flour is enormous with an annual demand supply gap estimated at 600,000T. Food grade starch is also a raw material in seasoning, food, pharmaceutical and beverages production. Federal Govt of Nigeria, banned importation of Starch into the country last year, the market for starch annually is $600Million.
Marketing and Publicity
Use of customised/ designed tri-cycle. Kavisan Limited will advertise in several local business and hospitality magazines, newsletters and national dailies as well as using radio jingles for sensitization, product awareness and brand loyalty.
We have a number of competitors, companies in the South-West, South-South and a few in the south-east that are producing cassava-based food products. Our advantage lies in our tram of highly professional management and commitment to excellence in production and output.
SWOT Analysis
Our Strengths include: the innovative approach in developing and designing new products plus the company`s flexibility than its larger competitors. Our Weaknesses include: The company does not have strong financial resources to enter the sector with large capital investments. Opportunity: several professional and working-class housewives would patronise the company`s products and become loyal consumers and this will be on an increase as the number of educated women is on the increase in the region. Threats: the lack of law backing the 10% HQCF inclusion in baking flour affected the industrial cassava processing sector of the economy and this might affect other cassava-based food sector.
Reason For Applying_
Reason for applying for the finance is to acquire much needed equipments for such as cassava motorised graters, hammer mill, hydraulic pump pressers, mechanical sifters, and flash dryer.
Staff and Management
Mr Ogo Adesanya (Managing Director). He graduated from the University of Lagos, studying Computer Science in 1983. . He has ventured into Agriculture Cultivation and Processing with his membership of Cassava Growers. Mr. Wole Olosunde (Director - Marketing and Research). He is a graduate of Agriculture Economics from the University of Ife with over 15 years work experience. Mr. Jemine Ogbemi (Director - Projects and Development). He graduated with BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from the University of Lagos over 30 years ago. Mr Adeyemi Ogunsanwo (Manager Production, Quality Management, and Distribution). He graduated in Food Technology from University of Ibadan with a B.Sc degree and has over 7 years work experience in the food industry.
A feasibility study had been carried out for Kavisan Limited and the prospect of cassava-based products especially flour derivatives were highlighted. The result of the market analysis is quite encouraging as a huge supply gap exists which even the company`s capacity cannot fill in the next few years.

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