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  Category  Technology
  Location  Lekki, Lagos,, Nigeria
  Last Turnover  274,500
  Target Amount  241,500
  Loan or Investment  Investment
  Amount Raised:  0
  Balance  241,500
  Days Left  0
The organization is ICT Convergence Limited. ICT Convergence Limited is a Nigerian-owned ICT (information and communication technology) business organization, set up to provide service excellence in the fields of:
Voice, and
Voice and Network Infrastructure
to an ever expanding clientele who demand new services in an ever-changing world.
Product and Services
The organization has carved a niche for itself in:
Procurement, and
Installation and maintenance
with respect to (a) Hybrid, IP PABX, (b) Contact Centre Solution, (c) UHF, VHF Microwave Radio Link, (d) Structured Cabling, (e) Voice Logging Equipment, (f) Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions, (g) Access Control, CCTV & Time Attendance, (h) Cloud Storage, (i) VSAT Equipment, (j) Call Budgeting and Accounting Solutions, (k) Network & Computer Hardware, (l) Data and Virtual Storage, (m) Fabrication & Erection of Towers, (n) I.T. Support, Consultancy, & Help Desk Services, (o) Fleet Management System & Card Solution, and (p) Software Development Services & Mobile Apps.
With branch outlets across the nation, and particularly Lagos Metropolis, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Asaba, the organization is run from its` Corporate Head Office Complex at Lekki, Lagos (Plot 5, Akiogun Road, opposite Lekki Phase 1). The organization has an immensely successful track record, delivering results to a wide range of clientele cutting across the following sectors:
Banking & Financial Services,
Oil & Gas,
Hospitality Industry,
Manufacturing Industry,
Law Firms,
Security Organizations,
Business Services,
Government, etc.
Marketing and Publicity
We use handbills, Flyers, Whatsapp, Instagram, outdoor advertising to do our marketing and publicity.
We have a number of competitors and we have advantage over them because of our commitment and drive to achieve service excellence through world class telecommunication solutions to industry leaders who have come to rely on our association with major manufacturers such as AVAYA, MATRIX, DLINK, SKYVISION, and so many others.
SWOT Analysis
Our Strengths include: The organization is peopled by a team of trained engineers and technocrats with competencies across the fields of system design, engineering, consultancy, and engineering management. Our Weaknesses include: insufficient liquidity to meet ever growing demand for our products and services. Opportunity: There is an ever expanding market across the nation and outside Nigeria for our all-round ICT solutions. Threats: inferior ICT companies who offer cheap prices for bad products.
Reason For Applying_
Reason for applying for the finance is to meet up with our ever expanding demands from our clients because of the initial heavy financial commitments on our part to exec ute our so many jobs and offers. After delivering, ICT Convergence is able to reap greatly and thus AfricaBizFund will benefit immensely financially from our job exec utions.
Staff and Management
ICT Convergence is run by a number of highly qualified trained engineers, ICT professionals, technocrats, and other support staff with experience in the fields of system design, engineering, consultancy and telecommunication management.
Emmanuel Iwegbu is the MD/CEO. Emmanuel is a first class ICT professional with engineering experience spanning thirty years. He is a strong visionary and has a track record of successes in ICT product development. Andrew Igberaese is the ED Implementation. Andrew is a qualified Civil Engineer as well as possessing the MBA Degree (Lagos State University). Andrew`s forte lies in PABX Solutions, contact center solution, UHF, VHF Microwave Radio Link, Structured Cabling, Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions and other related specialisations. Edward Aganbi, A. G. M. (Assistant General Manager), is the Head of BCP Business Continuity Plan) processes in the Organization. Subsequently, Edward supervises the governance structure in the organization
Being a " tomorrow`s" ICT conglomerate, the organization is involved in many on-line, real-time, service provision, thereby reducing " mortar and brick" activities, inventory management, stocking, and storage system. With its` cloud solution provision, the organization is able to minimize dangers and threats associated with the possession of heavy ICT assets

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