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  Location  Onitsha, Nigeria
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Parkers mobile clinic is a movable clinic which provide Healthcare services at the doorstep of Elderly, disabled, chronically ill and other vulnerables living in Anambra state, Nigeria.

We are trying to solve the problem of poor accessibility to basic healthcare services and emergency health services among people who are bound to stay at the home due to the covid-19 lockdown especially Elderly, disabled, chronically ill and people living in rural areas. Over 80% of these target group in my state don`t have good access to basic care for their condition.This is due to the fact over 90% of them don`t have cars or good transportation system which will convey them to hospital on time in case of medical emergencies or need to visit hospital. My project involve using movable clinics to deliver healthcare services at the comfort of their homes .The healthcare services will include nursing care, physiotherapy, health counseling, health education and training. The Mobile Clinic will be equipped with basic medical service facilities such as handy ultrasound scan and X-ray machines, hospital beds, Resuscitation devices etc.There will be a nurse and a Doctor attached to the clinic. We will have an emergency toll free number which patients call when they need our services. We will also remotely monitor the health of the patients.We will do this using a satellite system which will be connected to a sensor that the patient will wear. My project is easily scaleable because it involve using an everyday human resource ie Doctors ,nurses and also using facilities which are already in usage in hospitals. My project will scale through social media campaign and through community sensitization campaigns. We will also do door-door visits for our Target audience in their homes. We will scale and sustain our project by establishing a micro-health insurance scheme where patients will pay just 15 USD monthly in order to unlimitedly access our services.This fund will enable us to sustain the mobile clinic. I will additionally scale my project through sourcing for funds from philanthropists,NGOs and through establishing partnerships with hospitals and other health organizations. My project is relatively new in the world and also build on existing interventions. It is new because it involve delivering healthcare services at the comfort of people`s homes.Based on the research i conducted, i noticed that parkers mobile clinic is a solution which many people in my community have long been seeking for. My project also build on existing Interventions such as home based healthcare services and use of sensors to monitor health state.

We are trying to solve the problem of poor accessibility in accessing basic healthcare services among the elderly, chronically ill ,disabled and people living in rural areas.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, As a Medical Doctor,I operate a mobile clinic through which I render healthcare services at the doorstep of elderly ,chronically ill and people living in remote areas of my community. There is increasingly difficulty in accessing basic healthcare services for most people now due to fear of visiting hospitals and becoming exposed to to COVID-19. My project support in the fight against coronavirus by delivering basic healthcare services at the doorstep of people who are under lockdown due to the COVID-19 Crisis. We also plan to use the coronavirus test kit to test those at risk and the general public at the comfort of their homes. We also plan to deliver hand sanitizers, face masks and other protective equipments at the doorstep of individuals who are in lock down. As part of our project, we remotely monitor the healthcare states of individuals at the comfort of their homes.

My mobile clinic project will improve healthcare accessibility in Anambra state, Nigeria. If implemented over a 6 months period, over 500,000 people will be impacted positively in their health and well being state.

I tested this idea with my old school teacher who was diagnosed of osteoporosis 6 years ago.She has had fracture 2 times in the last 3 years so I felt she will really be in need of the mobile clinic. The mobile clinic, accompanied by a nurse and Sometimes a Doctor and physiotherapist, was visiting her on a weekly basis to do routine check up on her health condition and also counsel her on weight bearing exercises.We were also sending weekly health and fitness text messages to her through her mobile phone.We did a medical record of her data using an excel spreadsheet which we improvised as an electronic medical record system. We improvised a wearable sensor, using a small bluetooth device fixed on her right forearm which was connected to my mobile device. I have learned that many of my target patients will prefer healthcare services at the comfort of their homes.


We won the Commonwealth Youth Council Covid 19 Grant

We won the OPENIDEO Healthy bone challenge as a honourable mention

We have also been won AYADA LAB Grant (3000 Euros) and the Clinton global initiative travel grant.

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