Welcome to The ULTIMATE Fleet Management System.


DiligentFleet is the comprehensive but easy to use Fleet Management System designed for managing any organisation's fleet of vehicles. DiligentFleet has all the features required by most fleet management departments and can be used by both small and large organisations.

Completely Web Based.

Access your data from anywhere.

Standard Data Entry Forms.

Easy to enter / update data.

Reports and Charts.

Produce reports quickly.


Receive alerts for upcoming events.


Great for Teams.


Totally Secure.


DiligentFleet has the following options:

  • Vehicles Main Data
  • Accidents and Repairs
  • GPS Data
  • Servicing
  • Other Expenses
  • Users
  • Notes
  • Contracts
  • Contacts Book
  • Things To Do
  • Other Data


DiligentFleet can also be linked to Trackama, our vehicle monitoring system. We can insert trackers in your vehicles so that you know where they are at anytime. For more information, visit Trackama.com

Frequently Asked Questions

    Diligent Fleet, the comprehensive on-line system designed for managing your finances and personal information. Diligent Fleet is very easy to use and very little training is required. record as necessary.
    Simply Contact us and we will setup an account for you.
    Diligent Fleet is cloud based. All you need is an internet enabled computer.
    Diligent Fleet has an on line help manual which describes how to use the main features of Diligent Fleet. We also provide telephone and on site support. 
    Yes. Diligent Fleet is fully secure and any data entered by you can only be viewed, modified or deleted by you.
    Yes. DiligentFleet can be used by an unlimited number of people.
    No. Every data entered into Diligent Fleet is automatically backed up at least once a day.
    Yes. Diligent Fleet is completely web based which means you can access it from anywhere where there is internet access. formance targets
    Diligent Fleet is updated continuously and new features are added all the time.

    Click here to contact us if you have any other questions.tormance targets

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