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Developed for Landlords, Housing Organisations, Estate Agents, etc, TenantsBase is the comprehensive but easy to use system for managing tenants. Options include:

- Tenants Database: Record details of tenants, rent agreements, etc. Easily send emails to all or selected tenants.
- Transactions: Record Payments and Receipts for tenants.
- Properties Database: Keep a record of all your properties.
- Repairs: Record repairs carried out on properties.
- Waiting List: Details of people looking for properties are entered here.
- Notice Board: Enter notices for tenants.

- Tenants Portal: Tenants can log in to view statements, request repairs etc.

Work anywhere you like, and still maintain good accounting standards with QuickBooks Online
Completely Web Based.
TenantsBase is completely web based and hosted on secure servers. This means that you can access your data anytime, anywhere from any computer connected to the internet. No special software or hardware is required. Another advantage of TenantsBase being web based is that you get to use the latest version all the time. No upgrade is required!

It's fast and easy to get your accounting standards set to managerial quality
Standard Data Entry Forms.
TenantsBase has standard forms throughout which are used to enter data. After just a few minutes of using TenantsBase, users will find it very easy to enter, modify and delete records.

Track sales and expenses easily while maintaining managerial-level accounting standardsReports.
Reports on data entered can easily be produced.
TenantsBase has many reports which can be displayed on the screen, printed or saved as  Word, Excel or Text files.

Your data is protected by the strictest online managerial accounting standards
ERP is as secure as any web based application can be. We use the same data-encryption technology as banks, government departments, etc. Our servers are protected by firewall software, intrusion detection software and hardware, and security systems and personnel. Data is also backed up daily.

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