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Frequently Asked Questions
    ScollTools is a range of management tools designed for small to medium enterprises. Powerful enough to meet all management requirements but easy to understand, it allows owners / managers to focus on running their businesses without having to worry about maintaining accurate records.
    Simply register as a standard member and you can start using ScollTools immediately.
    All you need is any computer connected to the internet with a standard browser installed.
    Yes. ScollTools is fully secure and any data entered by you can only be viewed, modified or deleted by you.
    You do not have to worry about backing up your data. All data entered into ScollTools is automatically backed up everyday.
    Yes. You can allow your clients and other members to access some or all of your data.
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    We use PayPal to process Credit / Debit card transactions. For security reasons, your card details are never stored by us. Only PayPal - a secure processor of card transactions used by over 30 million people - stores your credit card details.
    ScollTools is updated with new features all the time.
    Absolutely! We welcome suggestions from members of ScollTools.
    Click here to contact us if you have any other questions.

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