We have been providing management consulting, technology, training and outsourcing services since 1994. Our clients include many world leading organisations in both the public and private sectors, including those in developing markets.

Why Choose Us?
You need experience, expertise and a company that will produce results by appointed deadlines. Over the years and many projects, we've learned how it is done. To every project we work on, we bring...
- An incredibly talented team of professionals that can provide you with resources and a knowledge base that is unbeatable.
- A proven record of delivering quality products and services that works.
- Project management expertise gained from working on dozens of different projects for many clients. We've seen it all and we know how to handle it.
- A commitment to providing the highest quality products and services.


Our mission is to help our clients build an understanding of how current technology can both reduce costs and improve efficiency in their businesses. We have delivered many solutions that help our clients manage processes, enable and promote collaboration, manage and obtain value from their content, and gain insight and intelligence from their data.


Our vision is to be among the top management companies in the United Kingdom.