From small entrepreneurial projects to complex systems for major corporations - we do it all! We work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and find a custom software solution that fits exactly the way they work. If commercial software is already available that can be adapted to their needs, we'll advise them. For a completely bespoke solution, our team of highly skilled consultants are the best in the business, with many years experience of meeting clients' needs.
The following are some of the services we provide. Please click on any service for more information:

Business Analysis

We identify business needs and determine solutions to problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. The business analysis process includes:

- Investigating business systems, taking a holistic view of the situation.

- Evaluating actions to improve the operation of a business system.

- Documenting the business requirements.

Project Management

Our project management consultants utilize process, discipline, and leadership to break down functional silos, engage stakeholders, and ensure your initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

You can begin any Information Technology project with us, from initiation to completion. Or if your project is missing milestones or is lacking momentum, contact us and we will deploy project management consultants to get your project back on track.

We will also provide you with our online management tool to help manage your projects.


Scoll Methods has been delivering training and consultancy in international Best Practice standards for PPM Programme, Project and Risk management since 1994. Scoll are at the forefront of PRINCE2 training and are always seeking to improve our methods of training. As well as providing PRINCE2 and generic project management training, we have added Programme Management (MSP), Business Analysis, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Change Management training courses to give you essential skills for the 'end to end' process from developing a Business Case to delivering Benefits.

Scoll Methods provides accredited training & consultancy in project & programme management, & business analysis via its offices & affiliates on all 5 continents. We'll leave you with highly motivated staff, confident in their new knowledge to deliver an excellent job.

You'll find we're a listening company focused on implementing best practice, offering great value & providing exceptional service. We're here to help you succeed &, if we are providing you with training, have fun whilst doing it. OUR CORPORATE VALUES We want to ensure you gain knowledge as quickly as possible. The BEST way to make this happen is to make it FUN! We treat you & others how we want to be treated: - We offer a personal service - We pay our bills on time - We recycle our materials - We give away 10% of our profits to charity.

Our course content is excellent, interactive & fun. - We offer formal accreditation for all our standard courses. - Our trainers are experienced, supportive & approachable. They reviewed the PRINCE2 manual so they can better prepare you for exams. - We achieve excellent exam pass rates. - We road test the theory - e.g. You use best practice in class to solve YOUR business problems & situations; we give you working examples of the documents suggested by but not provided in the manual.

We have very positive feedback from the delegates & organisations we help.

Enterprise Management

Working with various professionals such as Accountants, Business Consultants, Human Resources Professionals, etc, we help managers and owners of SMEs manage their organisations more efficiently.

Clients using our Enterprise Management services also get to use one of our enterprise systems, all of which have the modules ( e.g. Financials, CRM, Human Resources / Payroll, Office Management, etc ) required to manage any SME.


Outsourcing Software development requires not only specialist skills and knowledge but can also take a long time and be expensive. It therefore makes sense for many organisations to bring in a software development outsourcer when they want to increase the output of their own development team without having to employ additional expensive programmers to implement their ideas. As an outsourcing company, we provide the following:

Experience: We have a vast knowledge base resulting from many years of experience in software development. We've worked with companies in a range of different industries.

Quality: The quality of our work is something that we really do care about. When we work with you, you can be sure that we will always try to deliver the highest quality possible within your defined project requirements.

Cost savings: Being cost-effective remains the main driver for most software development outsourcing. Working with us will allow you to reduce your operational costs. Things like providing equipment and taking care of the work environment are handled by us so you only pay for the resources that you need when you need them. That means you'll also save by not recruiting and training additional in-house employees.

Focus on your core business: As your company grows, it can sometimes be easy to get distracted by the increased workload. Outsourcing your software development enables you to focus on your primary business tasks and helps you to take care of the backlog of work that you've been struggling with. It allows your in-house developers to focus on their core work and make the most of their skills.

Vast IT talent pool: We provide access to specialists in many fields, and not only around different technologies such as .NET, SharePoint, Java, PHP, etc. We also have experts in Security, Automation, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Performance and Graphic Design.

Increased efficiency: You get engineers who already have the necessary knowledge and expertise and who always work to deliver software developed according to industry best practices. They already have vast experience which means you get greater productivity.


Our Recruitment section specialises in the recruitment of permanent and contract Technology candidates to a wide range of clients. By offering a tailored recruitment solution and candidates of the highest quality, we are able to work with businesses of all sizes, from start up business and one man operations through to large national and multi-national organisations.

We also recruit candidates through our jobs website, For more information, please click on the following logo:

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Software development and Online Consultancy Services

Scoll Methods provides a full range of Custom Software Development and Technical Consultancy Services. We provide various software solutions including:
Management Consultancy, SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Database Development ( Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, etc ), Data Modeling, Data Services, Graphical and Animation Services, Network Services, Programming ( Visual Basic, Javascript, ASP.Net, PHP,SQL etc ), Project Management, Software Analysis and Design, Software Support/ Evolution, Domain Registration, Website Design, Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Online business strategy and business analysis, Online Multi Media Services, Payment Portal Development, Recruitment / Outsourcing, Hardware Configuration and Installation
Cloud Services We provide cloud-based software solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ). Cloud-based applications are applications which can be accessed over the internet. SMEs can save thousands of pounds by using cloud based applications. Benefits include:
- Fast deployment - Optimized performance - Subscription-based pricing - Low overhead - High availability - Security - Ease of access at anytime, and from anywhere - Energy savings
Our online traffic strategy Our strategy helps our clients achieve the best in online traffic related issues. We base our online traffic drive concepts on the best industry and market applications and practice. Through our online promotions, interactive media, informative platforms, download ready features and our exciting and welcoming graphics/animations we always explore the desires of site visitors and admirers. Apart from being practical and functional, our sites come with fun! We guarantee at least 300% increased traffic hits and subscriptions compared to other related sites.